The Total Fire Protection Solution for Tunnels

Tyco provides a complete fire protection solution to help safeguard the infrastructure of tunnels. Whether it is rail, road or other underground constructions, Tyco has the expertise for the most challenging and crucial tunnel structures in the world.

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A Turnkey Solution for Tunnel Fire Protection

The innovative, integrated fire suppression solutions from Tyco Fire Protection Products help to control and suppress fire even in the most challenging of environments, helping to manage fire risk and keep people, assets and the environment safe. Central to the Tyco tunnel fire protection solution are the TN-17 and TN-25 nozzles. These sprinkler systems were specifically engineered for fire protection challenges in tunnels. 

TN-17 Nozzle

This new product for transportation tunnel fire protection is intended to minimize water usage and maximize nozzle coverage area. The UL listed TN-17 Nozzle has a spray pattern of up to 16’ 4” (5,0 m) x 32’ 8” (10,0 m).